Landyn Tahj Afghan Square


Landyn Tahj is the sixth square in a series designed as a legacy for my grandchildren. Landyn has a wicked sense of humor, is highly spirited and does not hesitate to voice his opinion. He has lots of sharp edges but the biggest heart you will ever know. Oh, and he LOVES basketball!
You can get the pattern here. Be sure to check out other squares in the series in previous posts.

Madux James Afghan Square


Madux James is the fifth in a series of squares designed as a legacy for my grandchildren. Madux is thoughtful, sensitive and incredibly sweet with an intellect that results in so many questions about the world around him.

The Madux James pattern available here.

You can find Lauren Rose, Macey Ann, Marley Mae and Kinnedy Nichelle in my other posts. 🙂

Marley Mae Afghan Square

The Marley Mae square is the third square in a series that I am designing as a legacy for my grandchildren. Marley loves the ocean and volleyball; she’s analytical, has a wicked cynical sense of humor and sings like a bird. She’s a complicated girl that requires a bit more complicated square design.

These squares can be used as blanket squares, a center piece for a blanket, a pillow or tote. This is an intermediate pattern that can be found here. You can find Lauren Rose, Macey Ann, Kinnedy Nichelle and Madux James in my other posts. 🙂

Testers Needed

My plan to create a series of crochet squares and name each square after each grandchild requires reliable, experienced testers. These square’s will be released separately as a free pattern on Ravelry and this blog.

I need testers for the final stage of testing for Marley Mae. If you or someone you know is available, please reply to my email at