Lauren Rose Afghan Square

The Lauren Rose square was designed in honor of my granddaughter and will be given to her as an heirloom. 💕 It is in the testing phase and will be released soon.

I wanted to make her a small blanket, so I used nine of the squares and joined them using a flat braid join. The design for the border came from my heart. 💕 Today I sewed in the ends, pinned and blocked it. Almost done! 😊


4 thoughts on “Lauren Rose Afghan Square”

  1. Hello:
    I have done the Lauren Rose square for a pillow and was looking to complete the size with the border you did for the Lauren Rose blanket. You mentioned it came from the heart (beautiful!), can you please share what stitches you used or if you have a tutorial, could you share that with me?



    1. Susana,
      I have come down with the flu and unfortunately haven’t had a chance to complete the revisions and review for the border of the Lauren Rose blanket. If you would like to send me your email I will notify you when it’s available. 😊


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