Margaret Square


Have you ever met someone whose kind gesture changed the trajectory of your craft? I have, and this square is for Margaret.

  • 39 stitches per side;
  • square to use for a blanket;
  • 11’ x 11” – 4.5 mm hook; 12” x 12” – 5 mm hook;
  • uses sc, hdc, FPhdc, BPhdc, dc, FPdc, BPdc, BLdc, tr, BPtr, dtr and puff stitches;
  • This pattern introduces a new feature allowing users to link back and forth from a word/stitch and corresponding picture. No more scrolling to check a definition or rnd-by-rnd pictures for details;
  • Intermediate skill level.

The Margaret Square is now available on Lovecrafts, Ravelry, Makerist, Ribblr and Creative Fabrica.

Lauren Rose, Macey Ann, Marley Mae, Kinnedy Nichelle, Madux James, Landyn Tahj, Jalen Stanley, Olivia Grace, Jalen Miles, Brixton Carter-Lee and Carter Jude legacy squares are also available on the above websites. 🙂

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