Landyn Tahj Afghan Square


Landyn Tahj is the sixth square in a series designed as a legacy for my grandchildren. Landyn has a wicked sense of humor, is highly spirited and does not hesitate to voice his opinion. He has lots of sharp edges but the biggest heart you will ever know. Oh, and he LOVES basketball!
You can get the pattern here. Be sure to check out other squares in the series in previous posts and on Love Crafts, Makerist, Ravelry, Ribblr and Creative Fabrica.

8 thoughts on “Landyn Tahj Afghan Square”

      1. I design too, which I’m sure you noticed as you followed my page 😊 I’m working at a snail pace though as I work and have two kids under ten, so I’ve done 2 designs in the last six months. I have so many more inspiring ideas but just have to fit it in when I can x


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