Efflorescent Square

Efflorescence demonstrates the growth and beauty of nature’s flower bloom and the personal growth and splendor of human love.

This square is perfect when added with other squares for an afghan blanket, throw pillow, purse or even a tote bag! Your imagination is the only restriction for a creative project.

  • ending intermediate skill level written pattern;
  • click on links to go back and forth from a word/stitch and the corresponding picture. No more scrolling when you need to check a definition or rnd-by-rnd pictures for details;
  • 39 stitches per side;
  • 11’ x 11” – 4.5 mm hook / 12” x 12” – 5 mm hook;
  • pattern uses sc, FPsc, shallow FPsc, long sc, hdc, dc, BPdc, ext-dc, FPdc, dc3tog, tr, FPtr, 4tr-cluster, ext-tr, PC, 2loop-puff and split-puff.

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