Brood of Angels Square

The Brood of Angels Square is an interpretation and expression of love for my diverse family. We came from many different backgrounds and our kindred grew strong with lots of laughs and love.

  • advanced skill level pattern with rnd-by-rnd pictures and videos;
  • includes embedded links that allow users to go back and forth from a word/stitch and corresponding picture. No more scrolling to check a definition or rnd-by-rnd pictures for details;
  • 39 stitches per side;
  • 11’ x 11” – 4.5 mm hook; 12” x 12” – 5 mm hook;
  • uses sc, hdc, FPhdc, BPhdc, BLhdc, dc, FPdc, BPdc, 3dc-cluster, dc2tog, BLdc, tr, dtr, puff, X-st, mod X-st and HPS. Videos of puff, X-st, mod X-st and HPS are included in the pattern.

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