Head Over Heels Square

Today the phrase “head over heels” means to fall madly in love, but in the 14th century it literally meant to do a somersault.  The first mention of love was made in 1883, and for anyone who’ve been head over heels in love, it is akin to a somersault; the world feels like it’s upside down, your head is spinning, and you know your life will never be the same. 💞

This square is perfect when added with other squares for an afghan blanket, throw pillow, purse or even a tote bag! Your imagination is the only restriction for a creative project.

  • ending intermediate level written pattern;
  • click on links to go back and forth from a word/stitch and the corresponding picture. No more scrolling when you need to check a definition or rnd-by-rnd pictures for details;
  • 39 stitches per side;
  • 11’ x 11” – 4.5 mm hook / 12” x 12” – 5 mm hook;
  • pattern uses sc, FPsc, hdc, FPhdc, BPhdc, dc, BPdc, 2dc-cluster, 3dc-cluster, tr, FPdtr2tog, EXT-puff, Y st and dtr-Y st.

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