Raffish Dishcloth

February 9, 2018

This project is a great beginner project and is worked in rows until a square. I prefer cotton yarn for dish clothes and used I Love This Cotton yarn for this dish cloth pattern. PDF file for Raffish Dishcloth.

Hook Size: 5 mm (H)

Stitches used: Chain stitch, single crochet (SC), half double crochet (HDC), slip stitch.

Finished size:  8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″

Row 1 –Chain 29

Row 2 – All stitches in this row are inserted into top of chain and third stitch that sits in the back. SC in second chain from hook; HDC in next stitch. [SC,HDC] to end of row;  Chain 1, turn (28)

Row 3 – [SC, HDC] 14 times; Chain 1, turn (28)

Row 4-28 (or until square) – Repeat row 3; at the end of Row 28, chain 1, turn (28)

You will now be working in the roundSIDE #1 – in 1st stitch, (3 HDC), 26 HDC(29 per side); SIDE #2 – in next stitch, (3 HDC), 26 HDC (29 per side), the number of stitches will vary if you have more or less than 28 rows; SIDE #3 – in next stitch, (3 HDC), 26 HDC (29 per side); SIDE #4 – in next stitch, (3 HDC), 26 HDC (29 per side);  cut your yarn and use an invisible join; Turn your work over and slip stitch around the dishcloth.  Use an invisible stitch to join.  (29)

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